Gropparello Castle

Some say that there are 400 castles and fortified structures in the province of Piacenza. But none can compete with Gropparello Castle. Located 30 kilometres from the city, towards the Apennines, Gropparello Castle is in Val Vezzeno, on a spur of winding greenery overlooking the waters of a stream, among the vineyards and woods of Colli Piacentini.

The origins of the castle are very ancient: initial construction seems to date back to the eighth century AD. It became part of the property of the most important noble families in the area and today Gropparello Castle is a special location for conferences, exhibitions and receptions.

The tour of the fort includes the exploration of the noble rooms, the tower, the courtyards and the patrol paths. In the woods near the castle you can find Parco delle Fiabe for the little ones, the first adventure park in Italy. For adults, a stop at Taverna Medievale is recommended for a tasting of typical products and DOC wines of Colli Piacentini.